Idle Worship – Commercial Work

March 20, 2012 § 5 Comments

Usually I don’t like to share too much about my commercial work, but I thought this was worth bringing up since it was a small chunk of my life.  (Don’t worry, I’ll never abandon gallery stuff for industry, NEVER!!  Gallery/personal work will always be my heart.  Sadly, commercial job still pays the bills a lot easier, but if you’re lucky– the project can be fun, like my current job at Loot Drop : ).)

In 2009-2011, I worked for Idle Games, on a game called “Idle Worship”.  It released March 14th.  I created the overall art look (excluding the mudling character) and color palate with the help of an AMAZING art team/friends to work with: Mary Shu, Lam Giang, Lamnho Giang, Pui Chung, Trung Lac, Guillermo Martinez, Fabian Molina, and Emily Barrera.  Holy crapazoids, these guys are talented!  Here are a couple selected things I did there (Sorry if you have been on this page earlier, a few pages have been requested for temporary removal and will return…possibly one day.). Finally launched after 2 + years in production.  Here’s a screenshot of what the game looks like in the beginning.  I did everything on this playable screen (not UI), excluding the hut building, which Pui did a great job on and tofu guy in a bowl, one of my favorite Moai’s that Mary did.

I did a couple Moais, but this one never made it into the game.  I think it was my favorite of the bunch too haha–but apparently it was too “creepy” : P  Cake man, you will live on!! Through the internet!

Things you can place on your island. (remember to click on images to enlarge and unblur)

Goth themed items.

 Some animals.  If you play far enough, you’ll be rewarded with my unicorn haha (designed it, but Lamn ho did a great job painting it : ) (unicorn image taken from a website):

Stole this screen grab from online– a pic that shows our art team’s collaborative efforts : ).  When you play long enough, your game can look like this.  Looks like that’s all I’m allowed to share for now—ONWARD oil painting!


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