July 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

Hello, just thought I would share a little bit about my process, a common question that is asked : ).   Introducing….one of my babies, my Korg.  My other baby is a SLR, but seems like film is becoming an old timey inconvenience : (, so sad.  Anyhow, to start an idea, I usually play piano + pray +worship.  During this time, I often will see image(s)/experiences that will become a painting.

(Spoiler alert! Some paintings in the works! Look away if you need to.) Then I will quickly draw it in a sketchbook with notes.  The notes tend to consist of the color, mood, and meaning of each of the key items and/or overall meaning.  I have a sketchbook dedicated only for painting ideas.
 Here are some thumbnails that have become final paintings at some point in time : ).

 The thumbnails are blown up to the size of the painting surface.  (These blow ups can use many sheets of paper because I use an 8.5″x10″ printer and my pieces tend to be larger.)  The purpose of this is to keep the overall feeling and composition as my thumbnail.  These are then transfered onto illustration board using graphite paper.  Often the transfer will be drawn tighter if the thumbnail drawing is too loose.  After the drawing is complete, the board is triple primed with matte medium.

A small color comp is usually done in Photoshop.  Then, the painting begins!  Sometimes with a loose acrylic base and the rest oil.  Here are some of the final paintings done from those earlier thumbnails. Recognize them?

Be sure to remember my July show at Copro : )!  The opening is this Friday!  It’ll have this 3rd painting, which was also posted on this blog



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